Q: How long have you been in business? 

A: It’s official—Mutt Mitt® is the oldest, independent supplier of commercial dog waste bags and dog waste stations in the USA! Since 1989, customers have depended on Mutt Mitt® for the highest quality products. Same day shipping, always. We’re now in our 29th year, so you can feel 100% confident when you choose Mutt Mitt® .

Q: How can I contact you?

A:  Mon-Fri: 9a-7p

        email: [email protected]

Q: Is it easy to start doing business with Mutt Mitt®?

A: It’s so easy! Place your order by phone, fax, email or online. If you’re a county council, tidy towns group or community organisation property manager or established business, please email [email protected].

Q: Which Mutt Mitt® bag, Single Ply or 2-Ply, do you recommend to a new customer?

A: Either bag will provide an exceptional solution. About 75% of new customers choose our 2-ply version.

Q: Are all suppliers the same?

A: No. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a reliable supplier.

1) Company Warehouse:

A supplier should have their own warehouse and shipping staff, NOT a 3rd party fulfillment center. Lookout for words like “our warehouse personnel” or “our shipping department”, when the truth is those suppliers may use a fulfillment center that is miles, or states, away from a home laptop that constitutes the ‘company’ they pretend is bigger than it is. Some don’t even list their physical address. Why? Because, they probably don’t have one. If they list an address, “Google” it. If a UPS store, residential home or fulfillment center comes up, then the supplier doesn’t have their own warehouse and staff, and they have no direct control over their inventory and your shipment. Professional Managers should only do business with suppliers that have direct control of their inventory and staff.

When our competitors say using 3rd party warehousing is OK, you should think TWICE – buying from them puts your job, and your residents, at risk.

2) Properly Stored and Rotated Bags: Our inventory is 100% date coded and 100% properly rotated. The bags you receive will always perform as specified. Ask your supplier how old their bags are and if they are date stamped. If they don’t put the date stamp code right on the box, buy from someone else. It matters. Why? Because, over time, some plastic bags that have been stored too long, or in damp, cold or hot, humid conditions, can stick together, making dispensing more difficult. That’s why we properly store and rotate our inventory, to make sure that doesn’t happen to our bags. And we’re here in beautiful San Diego, California, where the perfect, dry weather creates the most ideal storage and logistics location, in the entire USA, for dog waste bags.

3) Years in THIS business: Many new suppliers will make statements like “we have years of business experience”, when what they REALLY mean is that they have experience in a totally different business or industry that doesn’t relate to dog waste or the property management or municipality markets. Please be wary of new suppliers that pretend to know this industry and pretend to know what you require from a supplier of dog waste solutions. Don’t risk it.

4) Inventory Levels: Many new suppliers have bought a small, initial quantity of bags or stations and pretend to ‘always be in stock’. Ask them how long ago they bought those bags, how many cases they have today and when their next delivery is arriving. Chances are they won’t be in business when you need to re-order. Why take the risk?

We’re 100% transparent in what we say and do. We’ve been in this business since 1989. We have a 40,841 square foot warehouse, staffed by 15 full-time hard working, dedicated team members. That’s why you can rely on Mutt Mitt® to always be in stock, ship the same day, and provide the ultimate in inventory security and bag inventory rotation.

Q: How many bags do your dispensers hold?

A: Our Mutt Mitt® Dispenser holds 600 2-Ply or 800 Single Ply bags.

Q: How many bags do I need to start?

A: In a County or City Park setting, usage is 500-2000 dog waste bags per month per dispenser. Usage can vary widely, however. It’s best to have enough supply on hand so that you don’t run out and create user inconvenience, which encourages non-compliance.

The Mutt Mitt® warehouse is fully stocked and we ship every order the same day, so you never have to overstock your inventory.

Q: What are Mutt Mitt® Dog Waste Stations and Dog Waste Bag Dispensers made of?

A: All our Dog Waste Stations and Dog Waste Bag Dispensers are made from commercial grade, heavy gauge, rustproof aluminum, with an electrostatically powder-coated, steel post.

Q: Do you offer custom signs, custom colors, custom logo on your products? 

A: Depending on the quantity, we can offer everything from a custom printed sign, to a full custom imprint dog waste bag and custom color pet waste station.

Q: Is Installation of a Dog Waste Station easy?

A: Yes. We send complete instructions with each dog waste station. Plus, you can always call us if you need any assistance. Allow 30-45 minutes for installation. No special skills or special tools required (2 adjustable pliers, shovel or post hole digger, a bag of ready-mix cement).

Q: How fast do you ship?

A: All orders will be shipped next working day.

Q: How fast will my order arrive?

A: All orders once shipped should arrive within 1-3 working days.

Q: Can I get an automatic shipment every month or on a schedule I request?

A: Yes. We can set you up to have the same order shipped on a regularly scheduled, automatic basis. Just call and let us know what you need and how often and we’ll do the rest.

Q: Do I have to buy through a distributor?

A: No, we sell direct to our customers. This allows you to SAVE money instead of paying a distributor mark-up on our products.

Q: What size are your bags?

A: Mutt Mitt SINGLES are 8.5″ W x 12.5″ L and 2-ply Mutt Mitts are 9” x 12.5”.

If our bags don’t fit your dog waste bag dispenser, we’ll accept return, or send you our dispenser for free.

Q: What are the case pack sizes?

A: SINGLES are packed 2000 per case  (20 headers of 100 Mitts) and 2-PLY Mutt Mitts are packed 800 per case (8 headers of 100 Mutt Mitts).

Q: Can you ship anywhere?

A: We sell all across Ireland to any county and with speedy delivery, you can guarantee to have your Mutt Mitts order with you fast.

Q: Why are your dog wase bags and pet waste stations a much better value than competitors’?

A: Three very simple reasons:

1) We sell direct, so there is no middleman mark-up.

2) Our prices are low, creating a great value proposition for our loyal customers.

3) We are committed to helping communities and dog friendly locations establish a dog waste program.

If you have a question, please call, email or use the Contact Us form. Thank you.